Monitor goes into power saving mode ??

 ron -
my computer is driving me crazy whenever I go into itunes or limewire my computer goes straight into power saving mode( I have windows xp home edition by the way) I have changed all the power settings to say NEVER but it still keeps happing I know nothing about computers so im not really confident in playing around with it but can this problem be easily fixed? my brother said it may have something to do with our biostar mainboard but hes not too sure it was working fine untill my computer got a virus and I had to reload windows on the computer since then its been doing the power saving mode thing
anyhelp would be great


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Unplug the computer from the wall. Hold the power button for 10 seconds or so. plug the computer back on. Turn it on again. It worked for me, hope it works for you.
Thank you

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It worked beautifully for me. Thanks very much.
Thank you so much...worked a treat!!!
That was simple compared to all the other experts.
This could realted to power distribution on the board as well. Turn off and unplug your computer, take each card (PCI, AGP, PCI Express, Etc.) and reseat them. This can clear the issue most of the time, if not you might have a conflict between hardware devices, repeat the process, removing the cards again, but this time go it one at a time with a "boot" in between to narrow down the issue. The most common I have seen is with the desktops that have a wireless card installed with an antenna in the reart of the machine, over time, friction and movment and jar the card out of the slot on the board and kill your video and other devices until it is put back in place.

Good luck!
Changing the battery on the motherboard fixed this problem in my experience. Worth a try. You may still have to boot it up while pressing one of the function keys, but even after installing a new card, it still didn't work. I read another person's report in this forum about changing the battery, an it worked. It definitely worked beautifully.