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 Alif -
I am alif
When i try to login my facebook account it show we'll get in touch with shortly after we've reviewed it. You'll now logged out of facebook as a security precaution and now it is going 28 days and my problem or issue didn't solved and i also contacted with facebook to solve and send my problems so many times but they didn't do something and i need help right now what to do to get my FB id back ASAP?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 79.0.3945.93

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Monday November 25, 2019
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October 28, 2020
Hello, here is site with a list of Facebook contact forms to try and get in touch directly with them. It is important that you use the correct form, hence why I have directed you to this site with all of the different options.

Facebook are not particular good with replying to issues, unfortunately they do take quite a while to resolve issues...

Good luck

i tried everything to get my ID back but didn't worked anything and my friends also faced that same problem so what should i do????????