PC won’t work. Turns on but no display and fan keeps running [Closed]

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Hello, I have a custom built pc and I’ve been using it for only six months and it doesn’t turn on anymore and it just keeps the fan running loudly, can anyone help?

I have a intel quad core i5 3.10GHz as my processor. 8GB DDR3 as my memory. 240GB SSD and 500GB HDD as hard drive. It runs windows ten and the graphics type is Radeon 7570 1GB GDDR5. It isn’t the best pc buts it’s what I got plz help

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 13.0.4

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Most likely, you are dealing with an overheating issue. In this case, it is best to call a professional who could fix everything. If you want to try your luck on your own, I recommend: take fans off and apart and clean them and the exhaust fins as they are clogged solid almost, and your heat sink paste is hard as a rock. Remove it clean with alcohol and put new paste don't use a lot and keep it off the small components on the chips.
Also, put sewing machine or light oil on the shaft of fan if you can gently remove the blade straight out. Some do some don't. Replace fan soon. Update all drivers from the manufacturer or get free driver updater then update windows several times and should run cool and no more issues.
p.s. If you haven't done anything like this before, watch youtube videos on how to fix such things (I think that your problem is typical clogged cooling).
Thank you

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Do not take the cooling fan off of the cpu if you do not know what you are doing....

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