Case logic wireless rechargable gaming mouse cl-ms-ws-111 light not staying on o [Solved/Closed]

 Facebookcoder -
Hello, i have this mouse for a long time bought 2 one working this one giving problem . i can use it only when a usb is connected from the mouse to the computer. The light does not stay on on the mouse.

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 79.0.3945.116

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Change the battery.
This mouse does not comes with a battery it is charged by connecting a usb cord. Is there a way of opening it to change the internal battery? If there is please let ne know. Thank you my friend

Nope. The battery is dead and is useless as a wireless mouse. Hardware fails.
> Facebookcoder
There is no way to replace the battery or rma it?
> Carlton
I guess i will just use it the way it is right now by connecting it with the usb cord.

Thank you my friend
> Carlton
Rma would be a question to the manufacturer, we don't control return material authorizations.

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