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Wireless mouse (Case Logic Model EW-600) will not work. Got this mouse from a friend. He never used it but he lost the user manual. It will not work when I plug the drive into the USB. It appears I need to sync the drive to the mouse. There is a button on the drive and two black buttons on the mouse. When I push the drive button a blue light starts to blink. Both units are within two to three inches of each other. I change the batteries twice.

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Try the following:

1) Locate the 'reset' button on the bottom of the mouse. (Tiny little black button on ours...)

2) Plug in the USB receiver. The blue LED button should light steadily.

3) Turn on the mouse. Hold it near the USB receiver.

4) Push the blue LED button on the receiver, and as it begins flashing slowly, push the reset button on the bottom of the mouse. This should synchronize the mouse and the USB receiver within moments.

5) If the blue LED button on the USB receiver begins flashing very rapidly, the mouse and the USB receiver are communicating, and the mouse should begin to work.

If it does not, the battery in the mouse may need to be removed and replaced, then the whole process started again...

If it works, you'll probably have to go into Mouse Properties in your Device Manager and adjust the response of the mouse, because the default settings are often positively crazy sensitive!

Hope this solves the problem. Cheers!

Thank you, Fingle 11

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great tip1 thanks
Thank you so much I can finally use my mouse after 3 years.Great instruction!
You are awesome....finally got the answer that worked !!!!
Thank you
I brought this wirless mouses months ago. Have not been successful in getting it to work, until I read this. Thank you very much.

Happy computor user!!!
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Thank you
Thank you! I bought this mouse two weeks ago on a website and it didn"t work I was trying to make this mouse work with no chance but your tuto is very good.