IPhone OS 3.0 Not all Updates installed

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I just updated my iPhone 3G today with the new OS 3.0 and I noticed that some of the "updates" that were supposed to take effect didn't; i.e. still can't send pics via mms, its supposed to give you the option to send mms when you tap on the button to export the photo but it doesn't list mms like its supposed to. Also, the iCal didn't update, Apple said there was supposed to be an iCal update and it shows it on their website with some extra options on the calendar screen but it doesn't show it on mine. I mean did my upgrade not go as planned or did the upgrade not take effect like it should have? I don't know; I'm going to redo the download and install of OS 3.0. If anyone has an input I like to hear what you have to say.



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try to roll back the update and then update the iPhone again.

this should fix your problem.
had the same problem...just shut off the phone and re-booted. Worked fine after that