Computer crashes

 Brian C -
my computer keeps crashing and shutting itself down, it makes a low crashing noise and goes to a blue screen, reboots and says "your system has recovered from a serious error"
any quick fixes for this? I have a dell inspiron 8600 laptop.

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cheers mate,
well i'd suggest you do what i did,
1. call up Dell
2. ask for your money back/get a refund since im sure its on warranty
3. Never EVER use Dell EVER again

reason being; Dell Plainly sucks, and even tho its all "wow" at first, it will automatically break itself after 2 years
its the Dell Laptop Lifespan

so good luck

Note: perhaps you should stop going to dangerous sites with a lot of trojans and viruses
I once had that problem ( in an online game XD). It was because of my graphics card, laptops have bad graphics cards and dell is one of the worst companies. Does this happen early? Or maybe in about 5 hours it triggers, cause if its early, forget about that PC.