Virus, do I have one?

Brian C - Jun 18, 2009 at 08:43 PM
 Brian C - Jun 18, 2009 at 10:14 PM
My Firefox can't load any pages, it gets server timeouts, but I can go on IE. Though, IE can't load videos or E-mails (the part where you type in your stuff is invisible). MalwareBytes can't found any viruses, though it found 3 b4. I did everything to fix it (btw the viruses was found in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER At the Microsoft folder in iexplorer.exe) AND I can't download anything, it just says can't get to the server to download it...
The video part, it could load vids that are displayed on the side of the page in a mini box.

Please help. The problem started with Firefox, when I got it updated to 3.0.11, I switched back to 3.0.10 but it still is a problem. I also tried downloading this game called Rakion, it couldn't launch, the server wasn't found. I use Windows XP.

I suspect its a virus, or it could be the previous virus.

I have Windows XP Home Edition. Please Help.

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I just found out, one of the viruses, was called Trojan.Vundo, it modifies my registry so now I can't load vids and E-mail in IE and Firefox won't load.