Can't download real plaer 11

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Hello, I can't download and install real player 11 - mcaffe deletes it without asking if i want to continue, saying its a bad program - "cavalo de troia" in portuguese, dont know in english. I read somewhere that this is because real player was labelled as badware. Ok, but I want to install it anyway. Does anybody have a solution for this problem ?

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go to that link again and then select "Server 2" to download the file.

this works!
Yeah !! It's working now !! I think the problem is with the portuguese version of the file. Thank you very much for your help !!!


"cavalo de troia" means "trojan horse", which is a virus!

this is the reason why the antivirus is not allowing you to install the software.

try this link to download it: 43 real player gold
Hi, thanks for your reply. Downloading from the site you suggested brings in a file with 0 kb to the computer, it did not work. Thank you anyway. What I cannot understand is how a trojan horse can be attached to a file downloaded from the official site of I read that real player has been labeled as "badware" by "", and this is why mcafee blocks it. I wonder when they are going to do something about this ....
I tried the server 2 and got an empty window.
And i had 68 Torjan infections after trying Server 1 and getting an empty file. I was given this link by a professional who thought you are trustworthy. Obviously she was wrong.
I suggest that others who have had trouble go to www.filehippo where downloads are SAFE and free