New build, no display/posting. All lights and fans work.

 Aiman -

I`m 14, and just doing a new pc build. The fans work, power to keyboard and mouse from motherboard but no beep on startup or display. Already checked current forums, and tried some solutions:
-Took the RAM out, tried all different slots.
-Took motherborad battery out for 1 minute and put back in.
-Tried without graphics card.
-Tried all hardware without the case.
-No damaged pins on the CPU.
-Switched between air and liquid cooler.

PC Specs:
-Asus B450M-A AM4 motherboard MATX.
-AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU
-Hyperx 2x8GB DDR4 RGB RAM.
-Corsair VS450 450 WATT PSU.
-XFX Radeon RX570 GPU.

I would be gratefull for any suggestions, as i am realy stuck.

Thanks, Aiman

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Hello, from a previous question this was the best answer:

Remove your power cord (from the PC) and hold the Power On button for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then connect the power cord back again. Turn it on to see if the problem persists.

Hopefully this can help.
Thanks David i will try it now
> Aiman
Hi David, i have tried your advise, but unfortunately still nothing happened. Thanks for the advice tho, much appreciated.

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