Computer asking password

 Kamille -
whenver i switch on my computer,it shows an icon asking for a password.previously there was no problem like this. it just refuses to open without a password.please any one of you will suggest what should i do?
nitul parekh

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hi there,

someone who uses your computer

has put a password on it

try just to press enter

if not accepted


press ctrl alt and del 2 times

enter administrator as user name

and password press enter

usually this works


I've tried what you told the previous person to do (press ctrl, alt and del 2 times, and use administrator as user name) and it does not work.

My computer was working fine before I installed the avira antivir antivirus system. After it did a computer scan, the computer prompted me to shut it down in order to delete unlocked files (perhaps viruses). When I tried to restart the computer a windows message pops up, asking me for user name and password, which I do not have.

What should I do?