CPU not getting warm no boot

Divreig - Jun 23, 2020 at 09:09 PM
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My system was running a bit hot. And I remember during installation I had some issues with thermal paste. So new thermal paste. Simple thing done it many times. But this time no boot. tried all the basics clear the CMOS took out all the components except graphics card and single stick of ram still nothing. Reseated graphics card, nothing.

Last resort check CPU seating, but this time the CPU pulled right while removing fan. And got thermal paste in the pins. Cleaned out pins with isopropyl alcohol. And everything seems okay.

But the problem still persists no boot. Worried that damage the CPU I thought I would check the cooler to see if it was warming up. And nothing. Absolutely nothing so I took off the cooler put my finger on the cpu it hit the power button. Fans buzzing but absolutely no warmth. CPU should be getting too hot to touch right away correct?

Don't know where to proceed to diagnose the issue. It was working before the new thermal paste should be working now right? Or is my CPU damage now that it's ripped out of the socket and got thermal paste on it.?

Quick note about the system, though the system runs fine overall. Every couple of times trying it on it gets stuck at GPU boot screen. And once for some unexplainable reason, once it just wouldn't boot till I change the order of the ram.

System specs are
MSI 970 a motherboard
Fx6500 CPU I think
don't remember the graphics card but medium-range MSI.
32gb ram.

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Jun 24, 2020 at 02:47 AM
Hello, a CPU temperature of 22 to 24°C (71-75°F) is considered to be normal CPU temp. So no, in normal use it shouldn't be immediately too hot to touch. A CPU can get up to 80°C (175°F), but you would need to reduce your computers load at temperatures like this.

Its possible (and likely considering the problem has arisen after changing the thermal paste) that you damaged the CPU or even the motherboard when you changed the paste...

If possible in your area (with Covid-19), try going to a local repair store. They will be better suited to helping you if they can get their hands on the CPU.

But if you want, take a photo of your CPU / motherboard and I'll try and see if anything looks obvious.


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