Monitor wont display BUT MOUSE/KEYBOARD WORKS!?

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Friday July 31, 2020
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July 31, 2020
Hello CCM community, I bought a gaming rig a year ago and its been great until tonight, i was having some weird feedback while playing a game so i took the ram out and put it back in, well now my monitor wont work... it has a orange light and when i start the PC it doesnt react. When i push the power button, for the monitor, the light goes off then i have to push it again for it to turn white and turn on only to have it show "no display input 1" and then shut off again with orange light.
Once before i guess the ram got knocked loose and the monitor did the same BUT the mouse also wasnt lighting up HOWEVER this time the mouse and keyboard DO light up. Only the monitor is giving me problems.
If someone could help me id greatly appreciate it and even tip (if that's an option?). Thank you!
- blick
PS : I've unplugged + held power button for 30 seconds, I've tried holding f8 -- still didn't work. ????