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I have real player installed in my linux.
i prefer listening to songs through command mode
what are the commands to play an mp3 type audio file in linux

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hye to open music file on command type:

play my_file.mp3

to know more:
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There are various music related commands in LINUX of which many of us are not aware.
Anyways I'll share some of those with you:

mpg123 songfile.mp3 # plays mp3 file

play sonfile.wav # plays wave file.

Note it may generate an error if the appropriate package is not installed.

sudo apt-get install mpg321 # installs the package

Now the file can be played (If playable )

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Hi :)

This forum should be able to help
as it deals with a huge range of different versions of linux but is dedicated to linux support.

I tried looking up the RedHat User Support Forums but this was the best I could find right now
Hopefully you can navigate to specifically RedHat support for this from there. I also found some documentation to look through
Good luck with this though!

Regards from
Tom :)