Facebook on linux and mozilla firefox 3 beta

 jfm -
i have this problem that i didnt use to have with windows.
whenever i try o open facebook, it tells me that the URL cannot be retrieved..
anyway, i tried with the ultrasuerf application that used to make it work with windows..
but nothing worked...
so what am i to do to open facebook.com on linux with mozilla firefox 3 beta 5?
please, help!!!.....

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Can you open other pages than facebook.com?
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Hi :)

It really depends on which version of linux but this forum should be able to help
as it deals with a huge range of different versions of linux but is dedicated to linux support.

It might be worth popping along to
to see if you recognise which of those versions of linux you were using. If you see your version listed down on the right-hand side then click on it and navigate to the "User Forums" for your version of linux. They should be able to give much better help in there.

It sounds a lot like a flash-player problem or Adblock Plus or something like that. Have you somehow accidentally added Facebook to your lit of banned sites? If you have a red & white stop sign on the top right hand corner of your web-browser with "ABP" in it then click on that to see a list of blocked sites - is facebook in there? For flash-player you'll need to decide whether to go with OpenSource or non-free versions such as Adobe. Having both can confuse things and they tend to clash so it's one way or the other but not both. With most versions of linux i would go with Adobe <shrugs> yeh i know that not very ethical of me but adobe are a pretty great crowd and i like their player even if it is all closed and furtive

For 32bit OS's

For 64bit OS's i'm not sure but think this might be right, please check if you have a 64bit linux before using this one as i got this link when it was only beta and the full proper release might be somewhere slightly different
If in doubt use the 32bit version. That should let you know ;)

Anyway, good luck and regards from
Tom :)

Hello first of all you should check if you are properly connected and your network drivers are installed!
I have the same problem!
I could imagine all these people replying are windows users.