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Nuno - Jun 20, 2009 at 07:50 PM
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I have to connect my DirectTV receiver to the internet for it to download On Demand Programming. The way I want to do it is to use my spare Vista laptop by connecting the DirecTV receiver's ethernet port to the laptop's ethernet port and then share the wi-fi connection that the laptop has.

Can this be done?



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Not true... You can use window's xp network bridge to allow your laptop to act as an access point for the network connection.. Works fine for me
I am also using a spare laptop with XP to connect my receiver to the internet and that works great. But are you able to access the receiver on your home network in order to use the DIRECTV2PC program?
I found this on another site:

1. First, make sure that your computer’s wireless connection is working properly.
2. Open the Control Panel (Start->Control Panel)
3. Click on Network Connections
4. Click Setup a Home or Small Office in the left hand colunn.
5. This will bring up a wizard, click next to begin setting up the network.
6. Select This computer connects directly to the internet.
7. Select the connection you wish to share, in this case, the wireless connection.
8. It may tell you that you have multiple connections, if so, be sure you select Let me choose the onnection…
9. Give it a name and description
10. Give it a workgroup
11. Then click next to have it configure your new network.
12. You may have to restart your computer for this to take effect.
13. Once your computer has restarted, plug your ethernet cable into the computer, with the other end into your Direct TV box.
14. Go back into your Network Connections and right click on your wireless network (the one we are going to share).
15. Click on the Advanced tab at the top, and check the box that says ‘allow other network users to connect through this computer’s connection’, you then may have to select which connection you wish to share.
16. Go into your Direct TV Menu and test your network connection. If it says OK! then, your good to go! If not, read the additional steps below.

Additional steps (troubleshooting)

1. If your test says OK for all the steps except a gateway address, or everything but the last step, then go back to your computer’s network connections.
2. Right click the network you created in the steps above. Click the advanced tab, then Click the settings button. You may need to enable all of the protocals listed in order to get your box online, though I am not sure what type of requests the box is sending, their technical support was not very helpful.

That should do it. I didn't try it yet but it makes sense. I am going to try it with the next hour.

You could also use a wireless adapter made for xbox live and other game consoles.
did you do it and are successful, I want find out first because i'm not really good with computer. ijust want to save some time and money. please reply.
I just had direct tv installed and read your message. I'm sure this will work. Do I just use any ethernet cable that fits the back of the direct tv dvr and my computer, generic. So, I can but this at any radio shack or best buys. Its small with a bunch of pins, right? Before I read your message I called best buys and asked for the ethernet cable and they said I needed a vga. That's obviously not right is the huge one.
Thanks soooo much.
Thanks, Wiggs. I followed those instructions and it worked! Go figure. When in doubt, RTFB.
Wiggs solution did not work for me. Once I connect the patch cable to the LAN port on my laptop I lose connection to the internet. I'm still connected to my wireless network so not sure what the problem is. Frustrating.
I am having the same problem Bec is having. When I plug in the ethernet cable I am losing my wireless connection.

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I will add, that I am having some sort of IP address conflict as well.
Here are the steps that worked for me.

Connect dvr 1 hardwired to a wireless router and internet gateway and ensure internet access works on it.

Connect laptop wirelessly to router with internet gateway

Connect dvr 2 via ethernet cable to the ethernet (LAN ) port on the laptop.

in network connections Bridge the LAN port with the wireless port

establish multi-sharing on both dvrs

Works like a charm but HD data streams are large and routers cannot always keep up with them. SD streams work perfectly.
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Feb 10, 2015 at 02:28 AM
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If you can solve this problem with your laptop installation with windows XP, because maximum it will support all softwares.
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Jun 21, 2009 at 03:40 AM

you are trying to get internet connection via your laptop.

this is not possible as the laptop cannot act as a router.

you will need to buy a router.
wrong if you use internet connection sharing you can use your laptop as either an access point or you can route wireless across the Ethernet port, I used to do it back before I had a wireless card for my desktop. the problem with using internet connection sharing as some of the people have already noticed is that it really easy to knock you network connection out and then it really hard to get it up and running again
Thanks for the information using the laptop as an access point. The on demand works great on my direct tv system. It worked first time using file sharing in the network settings. It probally would have worked if I had just connected the ethernet cable (plug and play).
I'm using windows vista operating system.
Thanks Again