Problem scrolling with arrow keys (IE7)

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Hey everyone, I seem to not be able to use my keyboard arrow keys to scroll up and down on web pages. I know however, that my arrow keys work (they do in MS Word and other programs), but don't work here. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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The problem was solved by pressing F7, thank you!
Thank you

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Wow, thank you! It works sometimes but my comuter is so bad that even my letter that comes after o on my comuter isn't working!! Any ideas, guys?
Thanks a lot. Worked for me
I am so thankful to you. Phewww finally I can scroll my pages
Hey, I had the same issue .. 12 month old playing on the laptop lol
try pressing the Function key (Fn) ! It solved my prob . :) Hope this helps
just fix mind. just press f7 and click yes or no. the problem will be solve
fixed mine by pressing the function key only....I guess it depends on your computer, because f4 and f7 didn't work for me
the fn key is next to ctrl and the windows button
ma enter key and shift and arrows are not working

This did not help me either
I had the same problem for months and someone told me to press the F4 key and if that doesn't work try the F7 key. Just press it and see if it scrolls, if not go to the next one and try it. Good luck.
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go to
control panel,
internet options,
click on "advanced"
check the browsing tools
and select the "allow smooth scroll"
Thanks! It was selected already but I unchecked the box and selected again. :)
that doesnt work just stops if from scroll smoothly when u dont allow it it just go up a few FPS inches so it dont work
my normal arrow keys are not working whereas the nuber arrow keys on right hand side are working
Use the letter keys
'A' for right
'S' for down
'D' for left
'W' for up

Hope this helps! ;)
every time when you are about to play the game press on the box where thhe game is once u have pressed on the screen (with the mouse) press the tab button
that momentarily helped my problem but only because it was tabbing through the items on the screen. but once I clicked again (which I need to do for the game) it doesnt work anymore
f3 worked for me I got toshiba laptop thanks
I was having similar problems. My up down arrows either wouldn't scroll in firefox or they would jump to the top and the bottom. So after researching, I just tried pressing function keys... and... voila, F7 did the trick. No idea why, but as suggested somewhere above, I'd start at F1 and go to the end (F12) one at a time and see if that does the trick.
My wife's laptop computer (Louise) had the same problem. F7 worked magic!
Press the ScrollLock key (in between PrtScrn and Pause at top of keyboard.
Just click on the main part of the screen where your working.