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Last week I deleted instagram for a week and hadn't been active on it at all, when I redownloaded and went back onto my account it said that I was blocked from doing anything for another week. after the block was over I liked about 3 posts and I was told that my account had been blocked again. It's because they suspected that I was using an app to like lots of pictures in order to get likes and follows but I have never used one of those apps and I definitely haven't liked enough posts to make it seem suspicious. Has anyone had this problem? And if so does anyone know what I can do

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Hello, it may have been because of the "unusual activity" of you deleting, and reinstalling your account over the week. This could have flagged your account with Instagram.

For now you can try to unblock your account, if they allow you to. If not, give it a few days before you try to reconnect.

Your Account is Flagged May be.