Restoring my computer to factory settings

 phil -
i have pressed F8 and it only restored my computer to a couple months back. i have spent the past 4hours trying to get my moms computer to reboot back to its original state. and no i dont i have the cd it came with. your guidance will be really appreciatted.

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hello,i would like advice on how to restore my computer to factory setting.thanks phil
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Since you can now a couple months back, it is a good idea to mkae your own back up copies just incase if the same problem occur, make sure you have an updated spyware =D I know how it feels to like downlaoding games, I was once in ur shoes too in fact I still have Tons of Games but just make sure next time not to downlaod anything you dont know of...
If there is anymore other problems just Private message me or Pos it on this site.. even though I didnt help much =P