Upgrade to I5-4590 but NO POST/display

 Davi52 -
Hello. I need help, because I just wanted to upgrade from my old Pentium G3220 CPU to I5 4590,which is compatible with my motherboard(ASUS H81M-E), but it has no post, no display. The fans are working. When I put back the G3220 it still works. I tried to update the BIOS, now its 2104, but still nothing.. Any ideas?

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Hello, you can have a look at this article on what to do when there is no display.

From this previous post with a similar issue. One of the suggested fixes was to remove any non-essential pci cards.

Thanks, I visited a professionist, and he said that this motherboard does NOT support the I5-4590,or any of Ix-xx90 processor, even if it s on the ASUS official site that it does. So I changed it to I5-4570 and it works. Hope that it will help somebody in the future!