BM-829(5028B)VER1.2" drivers

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Where i can get exactly a "BM-829(5028B)VER1.2" drivers for a GAMEPAD FOR NINTENDO SWITCH

Backwards say "SWITCH ELITE CONTROLLER", dissambled i found *BM-829 (5028B) VER1.2*, i need it because i accidentally corrupted the drivers, in pc the gamepad are detected as mouse/USB input device, with 3rd AND 4th leds on, but it dont do nothing, my gamepad are just a potato with usb input

Pd: same while pressing HOME, just 3rd and 4th led (while pressing), when I stop pressing they turn off instantly

The gamepad are this one:

DATA Frog dont respond md on Facebook, on Ali Express AND mail :(

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Hello, if you've had no response from Data Frog, then I doubt you will be able to find the drivers. Their business model probably revolves around selling gamepads, not necessarily ensuring that they stay up to date with new drivers...

I haven't been able to find anywhere with anything that looks like a respectable source to download something from. And I would be reluctant to download anything from sites that claim to have the driver.

I know its not really much help, but your best bet may be finding a second hand Xbox controller that can connect to your PC.


The gamepad are for Nintendo Switch, but data frog finally "responded", anyway tysm

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