Cant Download flash player 10

 NiborTheGreat -
I can't seem to download flash player 10 on my emac os x... I have safari 1.3.2. Im new to mac and I dn't know whats wrong with this comp... Whenever I click to download the flash player, nothing pops up.

Can anyone please help me,


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I'm trying to dl adobe flash for mac os x and everytime it gets to the last step of dl it says that i need to close al safari web browsers but nothing is open! i even shut down the computer in case anything was hidden but it keeps coming up. help!
Thank you

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A lot of people seems to get the same exact problem but i think it comes from the adobe site, should try later or another day!

i have the same version of safari.
I can't get flash 10 either but I know it is not compatible with my OS.
I have Panther (10.3.9).
Flash 10 is not backwards compatible with the OS.
I'd imagine if you have the same version of safari, the old one, you'll probably have an old os too.

Try upgrading safari via the software update menu if you do have a later OS.