Sims 2 family fun stuff (seasons)

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I am having a problem installing Sims 2 Seasons. . I have sims 2 family fun stuff with university, night life and ofb already in my pc but as soon as the installation of seasons is almost done an error appeared "sims 2 is not installed properly... installation will now terminate". Dunno what to do. Please help. thanks! (os - vista)

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I also need help to download sims two fun with pets like it wont let me download sims two fun with pets collection and it comes with the origanal one and i have the oringalnal one so if anyone knows please tell me the answer please if you know it thanks soo much
people are soo lucky that they can install sims i aint cuz its hard... :(
you have to buy sims2dobledeluxe
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Hello just uninstall the game and re-install it again!! It will work!