Self protecting Trojan/Malaware

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 Funkyluck - May 5, 2021 at 08:23 AM

I have a friend who asked to see if I could get her computer working after she encountered some malware/viruses.

Note: I’m no expert

When I try starting the computer it stays on the title screen. It will not allow safe mode or any other mode. I then proceeded to try and create a boot disk but she didn’t have her product key or original software to create one so going into bios to boot off a disk or flash wouldn’t help me.

I removed the hard drive and used an adapter to add it to my older laptop to try and run a scan on it but this is where things go side ways. Every time I plug it in (probably my error in knowledge)and run a scan it will act as if it will start but nothing happens. The moment I eject the hard drive it immediately starts scanning.

I tried to run r/kill after adding the hard drive but it shows everything is good.

If I try to do anything to this drive it black screens my desktop and I’m unable to use any keys or short cuts other than alt/tab to switch between what I already have open.

The r/kill I used was off another ccm page.

I want to recover her photos, so formatting the drive isn’t an option for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

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May 5, 2021 at 12:25 AM
a familiar story, I will tell you how to protect yourself from such viruses. First of all, these are antivirus programs. Turn on the firewall - it closes the ports so that hackers do not" see " the computer on the network and can not access the vulnerabilities. And of course, do not click on the inviting headlines on sites unknown to you, and especially in emails, download programs only from official sources, do not insert other people's flash drives into your computer without antivirus enabled, do not send passwords at the request of the "site administration".
Thanks for the advice.

Your advice is more common knowledge to me but I’ll be sure to forward it to her; even if I can’t get the Trojan off her drive.

I really don’t understand why she thought it would be ok without any type of protection.