Dell Inspirion 1721 laptop won't turn on

Kitty - Updated on Jan 10, 2019 at 01:50 AM
 mee - Jan 3, 2019 at 05:48 PM

Last night I went to turn on my laptop and it won't turn on.

It starts to turn on, the power light/HD light goes on, then makes a CHINK sound and shuts off and the battery light flashes. I have it always plugged into the wall.

I tried to take the back off to clean, but cannot get to the fan area to check that.

I have in the past used it on my bed a lot and it has gotten really hot, did I fry it? I really don't want to spend $150 on a new battery just to test it. Any other suggestions I can try? I did just recently move all my photos to my external HD but didn't get to my doc's yet, IF it IS dead, can I get to that info anymore or am I SOL?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!
System Configuration: Windows Vista

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Vostro 1700 just shut off last night - power adapter supply light goes out when plugged into laptop - must unplug from 120v supply to reset it - tried different power adapter and battey this morning - same problem - seems like a short of some kind - any ideas? - Thnaks.
I had the same problem. No sign of power for 2 years at a time, then works perfectly for a week or two then the same problem over again. I recently solved it by blowing hard into the dc input and generally around the back. The problem has come back three times since and each time this miraculous cure has worked!! I hope it does for you, no joke a 'blowjob' worked for me!! Cheers.
It's the motherboard. I ran into the same problem. My friend have the same laptop and so I used his laptop to test out the hardware ...everything worked just fine except the motherboard. I bought the board from ebay and's work perfectly now. I guess it's just the video card but since it's built-in Video so we need the motherboard.
how do you no if the mother board bad or video card bad
Seall Technical Compuers
Nov 12, 2009 at 01:37 AM
Alright guys and girls here is the deal. I had a customer that had a Inspirion 1721 and I replaced almost everything on the computer including the mother board. Here was the problem...... THE PROCESSOR. Even with the new board in place I still got the boot for one second chink and battery blink. Swapped the processor with a used one laying around the shop and it booted right up. Go online and get a new one there relatively cheap used.

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Hi Kitty, take your battery out, plug in your ac adapter, and then try and turn it on. You dont need the battery if you are plugged in with the charger.

Also, Does the charge light come on when you plug the ac adapter in?
I tried that last night, taking the battery out and just plugging it in, it did the same thing.

The charge light goes on for a second, then off. And the light is on on the power source, which leads me to believe that it's working.... think the power source is dead??
It seems either your charger is bad, or the motherboard (charging port attached to motherboard). First I would try another charger, maybe a friend has a dell charger? They are fairly cheap as well, 20 to 30 bucks.. But Im thinking the port on the mother board you stick the charger into may be damaged. For this you would need to buy another motherboard, or see if it is repairable by sodering the charging port back to the motherboard. Your hard drive should still be fine, you can get the files off of it by repairing the laptop, or you could even get a 2.5" hard drive usb enclosure, then plug it into another computer.
Well just got the new power cord and ZIP/ZERO nothing happening, the same exact thing. :(

SO, this pretty much means I'm screwed eh?

I wouldn't know how to fix the motherboard on it, how do you get to it? I've done it on PC's where they've come slightly unplugged or something but never a laptop.

Any suggestions or just get a new one?

Thanks in advance!
Sorry to hear that. Here is a link on how to take that laptop apart.

Now if the charging port has come loose from the motherboard you or someone can try and resoder it back. If you havent done anything like this before I would see how much it would be for a tech. to do it. If you simply need a whole new motherboard they can be pricey. (around 300 dollars). Hell you can get a good new laptop from dell for 500. Any chance it is still under warranty?
Thank you for that link Gage, that will come in handy!!

The new plug didn't work so I'm going to assume it's the motherboard. Right now I'm concerned with getting my info off the hard drive.. someone I think here said you can buy a casing/usb to put it in and use it on another computer, is that correct? Would I get this at Fry's or something? Does anyone have a link so I can see what I'll be working with?

What are the chances of the MB being separated from the power source? I did order a new desktop and got a free mini laptop in the process but would like to salvage the pink one if possible.. it's great for portable games etc.

It's worth asking, hey! OH and lesson learned I got the 2 year support on the new one.. I was a bit leery to go full out and get another laptop after losing 2 already.. But I have an account with them and it's interest free so why not?

Any help is appreciated and thanks so much for all that has been said already!!

Yes you can save your data with a 2.5 inch usb hard drive enclosure. Here is a link from Frys.
Thanks Gage!

I just got a case and took everything apart but they don't match, the teeth are different. The case I got has 2 rows of teeth holes and the HD has 1 row of thicker prongs (sorry don't know term)....

Would you know the correct description to look for? I got this one off Ebay...

Thank you!!!
Ok, I had/have the same problem with an Inspiron 9100. I first bought a new battery and a power supply. It didn't help. I bought a new power jack and then apparently couldn't desolder the old jack because my soldering iron wasn't getting hot enough. I ordered a new motherboard and got it yesterday. I replaced it and reassambled the computer. It's doing the exact same thing. Now I'm in for about $400 in replacement parts and it's not working. I'm worried I wasted my time and money and don't want you to do the same thing.
if it has a nividia video card, you need a new motherboard period. Sme thing has happened to me twice! The nividia video cards are bad. Has happened to Mac users as well. Search on dells blog site.
To ....Seall Technical Compuers...we had on our shop an inspiron 1721 with the same problem, we change the procesor with a new one, same model, but the problem remain. We thing it's something with the power circuits...the power doesn't go thru...we change everything except the motherboard...don't know if the client will accept a mobo replacement. We'll keep posting.
Jan 23, 2010 at 09:42 PM
Did you get it going? I have a Dell Insp 1721 and when I press the power button, the power light comes on and it just sits there. I can hear the fan come on some but no screen and no harddrive activity.
Was your laptop exposed in a damp area...outside...or in your car? Mine won't start up after going camping. And it did this last time too. I would suggest waiting a day and trying again, if of course, that is the problem
I had a similar problem with my Dell Studio 1525 this evening... the battery lamp was on, but the computer just wouldn't turn on after a "Windows is resuming" screen... then I detached the battery and it is working, even though it took more time to load everything... hope it won't give me any additional problems, however, it was useful to find this forum, in case something goes wrong again I'll know what might be the problem :)
my dell latuide d610 light come on an goes out but when you end on you computer the light stay on an fan run but you can't turn it off is the monintor bad or is my video card bad I just got mother board from ebay an switched the ard drive an video card in the new one the owner said he tested if have problem shipped back
i had the same problem with my 1721 I called dell and they sent a tech to my house and replaced the motherboard for free and now it works fine
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Oct 4, 2009 at 01:54 PM
same problem go to a book store and find books on trouble shooting I found mine to be the fans chip had gotten messed up. but now I cant get teh screen on any ideas?