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Fitz - Jun 23, 2009 at 08:23 PM
 Fitz - Jun 24, 2009 at 05:35 AM

I use internet explorer. However after doing a performance "clean up" of my system the icon and my internet explorer icon disappeared. I used control panel/performance & maintenance and checked to free up space. My system calculated space I could save. I read each description and chose only those options that said would not delete files. Well....

If I go to my Start Menu the only icon available is a globe. I click it: I get internet options/general (tab) with an option to select a home page. The address in the window is www.google.com but the button "use current" is not lit.

I got online through a "back door" and went to "tools" to select internet options. The home address remained www.google.com and the "use current" button was black. I clicked it; the "apply" button lit; I clicked it and clicked ok. Nothing changed.

I can get online but not through internet explorer anymore. I got online by clicking a link to the internet while troubleshooting.

My desktop icon, the icon in my start menu and the program under add or remove programs does not show internet explorer. I used it for years and only after the "clean up" did I lose it. Can I download it again - free?
What are my options please.

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Well, there could be various reasons for that. While it's asking you to select your homepage, then it might be meaning to customize it. Still you can visit any website by typing the url in the address bar. In case you are not getting IE option at all, then you can got to Start>>Run>> and type in there "iexplore". This will bring your internet explorer in Win XP.
Thanks Neal,

That is a good trick. It works.

Is there any way I can get back Internet Explorer like it was?

This occurred after a system cleanup but and I have also been having problems using links in emails to access the internet. "Register keys"? The problem with accessing the internet is progressively getting worse.

Thanks again.