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Lynn - Jun 25, 2009 at 06:04 AM
 MADZ - Aug 13, 2009 at 08:57 AM
I have a HP Compaq nc6120(laptop) volume button disapeared out of bar. I have no volume except for sys sounds. In control panel I click on sound and audio and it says no audio device. I have SoundMAX digital audio, it says device is working properly. I have no conflicts. checked all volume controls in control panel and everything is enabled and not muted. I am running Windows XP. Vol was working yesterday am, I did uninstall limewire and bearshare through add and remore programs, HELP!!!!

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Hi there! The problem was when you un installed BearShare (I HATE THAT PROGRAM 'coz the same thing happened to me! I lost my sound too and unfortunately, we're not the only ones complaining). BearShare comes with a whole list of malware, spyware and the entire she bang, without the downloader even knowing! Whatever you do, DON'T take it to the computer shop; they'll just tell you that your entire sound card is fried, which is NOT the case and you'll have to pay full price for something much minor!

Try this:
When you un installed BearShare, you deleted your sound settings with it. Do a system restore to THE DAY BEFORE you installed it. You should get all your old setting back. Good luck!
!!!!!!!!TRY THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!

Hi again!

I just wanted to add this easy way to restore your sound! Please try this method first.

Click the Start button. RIGHT click on My Computer and the Properties. In the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. Scroll down and expand the "Sound video and game controllers." If you see the device which isn't working properly (usually marked with a yellow ?) right click on it and then Uninstall. Don't worry, you'll get it back.

Now click Start and go to Control Panel. Click Add Hardware. This wizard will find your the device you primarily uninstalled. Once the wizard is completed, go back to your Control Panel, click on Sounds and Audio Devices. Check the speaker volumes etc and see if you have your sound back. I hope one of these 2 options will help you out!

Good luck