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Shams - Jun 26, 2009 at 05:23 PM
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So i've tried like hell to figure this out but have no programming skills at all. I have basic excel experience most of it self taugh or what i've picked up from reading threads.
What i have is an excel file with 2 separate sheets in a workbook and the first sheet will be a listing of different navy slings along with all info about that one sling spread accross the row.
Each new row has a new and saparate sling assembly part number (p/n#)
as an example; once the info for an x number of slings is entered i will move to worksheet #2 and print the template.
i want to select the part number and make a drop down of all p/n# from sheet#1. when a p/n# is selected i want the other 6 cells to fill in with the correct info.

i could sit there and write a bunch of IF arguements that would get the job done but considering i could have as many as 40 different slings i will have to add and you can only have 8 IF arguements per cell that is going going to take alot of debugging. and like i said i'm very amateur to this.

any help i recieve is greatly appreciated. plz email me @ brainfreezejuly77@yahoo.com if you want me to email you the xls file so you can get a look at what i'm trying to describe

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Jun 26, 2009 at 08:07 PM
I am not sure there are any provision to post a sheet in this forum

let us see
sheet 1 has part no. in column A and data for each part no. in column B to G (row 1 is column headings)

in sheet 2 the cells A2 down have validation list (of part nos. in sheet 1).-here also row 1 has column headings.
in B2 of sheet 2 type this formula (including dollar signs)


now copy this formula down and to the right .(in the rows where validation list is there)

Initially the entries in the cells except column A of sheet 2 will have #N/A error values. don't bother.

now once you enter any value in for e.g. A2 item from the validation list automatically the other data for this part no. will be available in row 2 of sheet2.