Want 2 upgrade laptop cpu

trav666 - Jun 27, 2009 at 10:49 PM
 simbo - Jan 30, 2010 at 11:48 PM
i want to upgrade to a dual core cpu in my laptop the board is a wistron 303c 08.52 i cant find anything about this board anywere does any 1 know if i can do it or were i can get compatible cpu lists? cheers

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Jun 28, 2009 at 05:29 AM
Dear Sir,

The board your mentioned can't help me finding informations. It would be better if you could give the exact model number of your laptop. And make sure most old motherboard won't support dual core cpu

hey its a compaq cq 60 302 au cheers 4 helping
hey its a compaq cq60 302 au

i have a toshiba a110 it was a core 1.6ghz duo machine

now uses a core 2 duo 1.8

not only does it run far faster with added memory also {4gb as 2X2GB simms added}
but also my battery lasts for about 4 hrs with this 65watt core2 duo
as opposed to 3 hrs with the standard 85 watt mpu

and i get about a 50 % speed increase

the socket is the same as is the chips
only its di changed

so source as i did a core2 on ebay to upgrade your laptop
and beat the buy a new one senario set by the gready'1s

lets hope all core processors are recalled as they are faulty
and there should be a class action in the brew in my understanding on consumer rights??

just an opinion

but my tosh laptop runs fine using windows xp
forget vista its just xp in a wrapper
stick to xp with core 2 in older laptops
it works for sure

use vista by all means but be patient unless you add more or so as 2GB ram atleast to run it smooth

it took me two hours to crack open this toshiba 110 and carefully change the core mpu for the core2
same di same pinout and it fitted
and typing on it now

good fun luck is for fools!!!! and bad gamblers
took me 4hrs to carefully change it and a tube of cermic heatsink paste
best i could find

perfect laptop now

just as good if not better that any modern laptop coreduo2

but not quite

however a needed upgrade that shouls have needed done by makers under there own

maybe to late now
still for me a 1.8ghz core2 duo from a f...ed sony vio was cool

its a pitty the sont dies in exchange
but never mind there chipset is propriotory and horrible for driver updates and hacks

dont forget to add the best bios before adding the new mpu core 2


dont be scared

get in there
as i did

anyone want a 1.6 mobile core duo i have one {not a core 2}

email me at vsmlibs@talktalk.net £10+ postage
also the hdd supplied with my laptop A11o
was a mega shit hitachi 60GB piece of junk

updated the hdd to a 500GB or better drive
with a faster seak rate {wont be hard as the hitachi drive is crap in the extream a 500GB drive has a 2 orders of magnitude faster data rate} even a crap drive 300GB is far better for sure

as long as you use a core2duo around the 5000 series
and a hdd not in excess of 1terabyte

and 4 too 5 hours to upgrade the mpu

then another three hours to image your c drive
to smart media or dvd then to your new hdd
basicaly a days work

and read the task it apart techs if you find them
or ask a pal for words

best do it alone is the way

but no probs
update your core to core2 no probs

and as i say the faulty core machines should have been recalled
however knowone presses the buttons

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Ask a question
above all

ALL core duos chip as mobile
is comapatable to ANY core duo mpu

i had 1.6 duo
i added 1,8 core2 duo
and saved 20 watts power
20 watts = 20 jules per sec or 20w X 60 = 1200 or 1.2amprh saved

makes the difference

change you mpu today
make a plan
get the bits first
read the faq's and take appart guides if any
if not
i had to strip the whole main board out my laptop
i think about 50 screws i had to lay out

like a mechanic

then a few mins to swap it and put it all back

also add a body earth and work on the floor and dont work alone