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I recently bought a Sony Vaio in Taiwan. It has a Windows Vista Chinese Pack and all its programs are in Chinese. Programs like the Roxio Media Creator and the ArcSoft Visual Effects are in Chinese. How will I change thwm to English. The laptop has an English Service Pack. Please help me. thanks

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Hi, Follow the Instructions>.>Start Button >>Control Panal its on right on third number from down press it >>than you will have to click on the right hand side ontop to an option , there are only two options on the top choose the second >>Classic view >>>if you can click on that you will see a GLOBE WITH A CLOCK in that windows open that you can change language from there>>>@ Thanks
Hi, I think there is a free software called: Vistalizator;
you can change the language of your windows system - VISTA into any language you want!

I think you can find it at most of ware sites, and I can you give you a direct link for it, it is at

Have fun with all kinds of languages~~