Rebooting over and over, unable to use kybd.

nam - Jun 28, 2009 at 11:25 AM
 Agentofdeath - Jun 28, 2009 at 11:51 AM
accidentally downloaded the happy program known as System Security 2009. Ran numerous programs to fix the problem from my Task Manager including AVG, CCleaner and believe I may have removedd the problem. The problem I'm having now is that my pc is now rebooting itself over and over again and unable to get to Safe Mode due to my keyboard not being recongnized to move the cursor to Safe Mode. I have tried a wireless and wired keyboard and still unable to even get to a screen so that I can continue fixing this problem.

Highly frustrated,


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Hi, seems to me that you are Having a problem with first boot section of the HDD, try these steps it may work:

1- unplug the power.
2- Take the battery of the motherboard off.
3- Flash the BIOS, to do this: Look for a jumper (Small thin ship holds to pins in the Motherboard togeather) says next to it COMS, some motherboards on has 3 coms pins Some has 2, if your COMS has 2 then you need to get a jumper and plug it into the pins, if your MB has 3 COMS pins then move the jumper to the next free pin.
4- Power the PC and turn it on for a few seconds.
5- Return everything to the original position, COMS and The motherboard's battery.
Hopefully after these steps you may at least get contact with your keyboard (Try Wired keyboard and plug it into the special purple keyboard plug into the back of ur PC.