Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer dont open

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I have call of Duty 4 . Singleplayer play but Multiplayer does not open . It tells me (Program iw3mp.exe stop working) If anyone knows something tell me .

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I had this problem and finnally realized that if you have a mic,or headphones plugged into where the mic goes it will start.
Thank you

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OMG Dude Thats some INSANE Fact which works!!!!!
i had the same problem (bla bla bla) and then i pluged my mic into the mics list and it started!
Two words - Tkanks a lot ;D
u rox dude!!!


make sure you have entered the original product key when installing the game. (not a pirated one)

or it may be that some files are missing, try to reinstall the game.
i have the same problem except my system is window xp. now today i can not even play single player. my error message states, setup detected that you already have call of duty 4 modern warfare 1.6 patch. i think it has something to do with iw3sp.exe file ,not sure of that.
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i have the code from inside my game, it is not a fake one. i have been playing for a while before this happened, so i really would not like to install and lose my characters profile that i have build up.
acctualy u can choose whether u want to delete your profiles with ur game when u uninstall it.