Yahoo mail free stationery icon missing

JerryMitvalsky - Oct 19, 2023 at 04:35 AM
 Marilyn - May 10, 2024 at 03:18 PM

Hello, what happened to Yahoo mail stationery at bottom of toolbar?

Macintosh / Safari 12.1.2


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Updated on Dec 9, 2023 at 09:20 AM


I've found an info from Yahoo regarding stationery. Unfortunately, it is being removed because the feature wasn't popular according to their data. GIFs are also affected.

If you still have stationery right now, it will be removed soon...

You can share your feedback with Yahoo regarding their decision by clicking the Settings icon in your inbox and choosing Give feedback.

As an alternative, you can use a website like Email Backgrounds to retrieve stationery features. You simply need to copy the image you'd like to add and paste it into your email. For GIFs, there are Giphy and Tenor.

I used it all the its nothing to yahoo, but I know I enjoyed it !!


I enjoyed using the fancy emails. I always added GIFs and stationary. Sad it is gone. May as well stay with the classic now. No difference.

evla > busybee
Dec 7, 2023 at 11:57 PM

I agree. I used stationery for everyday and special occasion. I want it back!


I've been switching up browsers hoping I'd recoup the stationery capability.  So SAD!

I used it often to send out group emails as they were cheery!

C'mon Yahoo!....  bring it back!


I am very disappointed and shocked that Yahoo has removed the stationery icon.  It was fun to use and made Yahoo extra special.  If they do not reinstate the stationery, I will change to Gmail.  GRRR!  (I also wasted so much time looking for the icon today because I thought something was wrong with my computer.)

Dec 9, 2023 at 03:33 PM

I am so sad that the stationery and GIF's are no longer available.  I looked forward every day picking out a special one for the emails I sent.  Is there any chance of them coming back? 

Go to settings and then feedback to let them know you want it back - that's what I did!


I used it all the time.  Particularly with holidays and special events.  As a paying customer, I don't appreciate yahoo simply eliminating a feature like this.

I loved it too, especially on Holidays.  Used it all the time for email greeting letters for people who can not receive standard (snail) mail.  Why not leave it?  Was it a problem for them?  

I will now be looking for another email site.

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Dec 14, 2023 at 06:14 PM

I do not know of anyone that did not like or use it. It is very popular it had to be another reason. Even if just a few used it why take it away.... very SAD it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!

I am extremely disappointed that the sationery was removed. 

Is there any chance it will be restored?

Did you get an answer?  I've notice my stationery icon isn't in the toolbar at the bottom.  I loved using it in my emails.

I am also very disappointed that the stationery has been removed. I especially used it at Christmas.

I have saved some Paperless Post that I like and I just cut and paste the images onto the blank email message page.

Hope it is brought back.

Me too, i am looking where is that stationery, the icon on the bottom is dissapear i am using it on my emails especially on bdays and other occations.  What happpened and how i can get it back. 


I wish to have the Rogers Yahoo mail stationary icon restored ....

I loved the stationery & used it a lot. People were always asking mw about it.

It added such a special & unique touch.

Also missing the stationery feature.  It definitely added something special.

Dec 27, 2023 at 01:21 PM

Seriously?   We're SENIOR CITIZENS.....we don't do FACEBOOK.....and we don't text.......but, we so enjoyed the GIF capability and the YAHOO stationary when sending correspondence to our family members and friends.  SAD, for sure.

We thank you for all the years we were able to use these 2 amazing functions.

Hoping you reconsider bringing them back!

Much obliged!

Well, that can not be true.

And how difficult or costly could it have been?

Especially since I am paying monthly for all my Yahoo accounts (Not Free!)

You should bring it back asap to prevent customers from changing to a different service.

why was my station and gif options removed from my yahoo email account?

It was something i used all the time.

I need it back!

Where did my yahoo mail stationary go on the bottom toolbar and how do I retrieve it?

I used the stationary option all the time.  I hope #Yahoo will bring it back. 

I am sure more than those protesting here want the stationary at the bottom of the email restored,Just finding out where to protest here is time consuming ,and not easy to find,many would give up.It was great to have and made Yahoo special.BRING it BACK..Please.


Fairly outrageous that the Yahoo Email Plus trolls keep on (behind the scenes) jacking up prices, while with the other hand, killing off some of the few things that might people help *want* to stay with the application that they're now being gouged for!

So yes, time to invest the time to find a workable alternative. Just so tired of being ripped off and taken for granted. 

I used to use the stationery and icons all the time when advertising my show each year. I am more than disappointed that they were taken away. Any solutions to that?