Cyber cafe timer

Ultimate - Jul 9, 2009 at 12:44 AM
 cillian - Aug 7, 2009 at 09:43 PM

pls i need your help, kindly explain how to use timer on a system and for many system or every thing about timer stuff. pls

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Jul 9, 2009 at 06:53 AM

you need to use a software that allows this function.

this would help you to solve the problem.
Hello sir:
I am cillian from xtreaming technology, we are a diskless software company, which are a high performance diskless software and suitable for cyber café management, also it works far more better than any other diskless software, even than Citrix PVS.
With our software, the computer works without a hard disk
As in a cyber café, our software can achieve:
Save a lot of investment cost in hard disk and future hard disk upgrade cost *
1.Save monthly electricity cost.*
2.Save investment cost in buying recovery software, recovery card.
3.Support Multiple Drivers *
4.Support Multi Restore Point
5. Support Multiple Image (can 10 PCs as Malay Window, 10 as English Windows, 10 as Chinese Simplified Windows, 10 as Chinese Traditional Windows, 10 as Japanese Windows and 10 as Russian Winodows) Boot from one server…*
6.. No need using any game server and rent monthly or daily.
7.Support Multi Sync between Server, Update on one server other server will update also……*
8.Save investment cost on buying Antivirus software
9.Load Balancing Server Feature, ZERO Down Time, for example 80 client PCs, in normal mode it will run server A with 40 unit client PCs and Server B with 40 unit client PCs, when server A down, server B will take other 40 PCs..mean 80 units PC will run in server B .when server A down..the performance almost the same.....
10.Imagine every Client PC got 500GB - 5000GB Hard disk Space, you can put private game, all online games, LAN games, emulator games, yahoo games, movie, picture and MP3 inside.....No need to change all hard disk for your existing cyber cafe when you feel not enough space in your cafe or you plan to upgrade from 80GB/160GB to 250Gb or 320Gb!

For example , in interent cafe. or enterprise or school
1 server can support 150 PCs with configuration:on server -side:
motherboard intel 5000V
CPU Xeon5120
mempry 8G
harddisk 80G pata
147G SAS*4 (write)
500*2 (read) is recommended

battery 600W
client (120----150)

on client:only need to support PXE and O/S XP

Please feel free to contact me for more information. Free demo is provided.
My email: our website: