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  • Developer Cheesecake Dev
  • Version 1.91
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Internet Cafe Simulator is an internet cafe simulator game where you will embody the boss of an internet cafe. In this game, you will have to manage your Cafe business by making profits, providing good games and furniture to your clients, and building your own empire. In addition, you will have to manage your personal life, but that's another story we explain to you below.


  • Build your Cafe: You will start the game in your apartment, and you will have to start building your Cafe, so let’s work and start creating your empire. You will have to order all the relevant pieces of furniture you need to accommodate your clients and provide them with the latest and most powerful gaming computers. Take care of your Cafe as you will have to keep it clean. Don’t forget, you are the boss, and all the management and planning are in your hand. Hone your strategy, and it will be fine.
© Internet Cafe Simulator
  • Make your customers happy: Once you buy all the furniture and devices you need, you will have to make sure your customers find software and popular games they like. Browse all the available applications and purchase the one that seems right for your customers. Reputation is essential, so take care of your customers. If you don’t care about risks, you can also hire people to give you a higher score illegally.
  • Make your business grow: You will have to ensure that your company makes profits. Once you have enough money, you will expand your business and buy new rental areas. You can even invest in cryptocurrency and make more money with a suitable investment.
  • Manage your personal life: You will also have to manage your personal life, like going back home, eating, sleeping, going to pawnshops or strip clubs, and even starting illegal activities. This part of the game will add more depth to your experience and make you relax even more.
© Internet Cafe Simulator


Internet Cafe Simulator has not been designed to be visually immersive, but it still offers cartoonish-like graphics that are decent and funny.

Duration and game modes

Internet Cafe Simulator offers a solo experience you will play about 5 hours if you only focus on the main objectives, but it can last up to 7-8 hours if you want to look at everything it offers.

What do the reviews say?

The game has been rated Mostly Positive on Steam by over 6000 players, so it seems it is quite a good game, but it still contains some bugs.

Age rating

Even though the game has no PEGI rating, we recommend it for a mature audience as it contains general adult content, such as strippers wandering in bikinis or other similar provocative scenes.

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