Hard disk space lost

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 telaka313 - Jul 8, 2008 at 03:17 PM
Hello ,
I have update my Cpu with a samsung 250 gb hardisk and it has been detected in Bios but unfortunately not on Windows i tried to use Acronis True Image to install the drive it has been detected but it shows me that the hardisk capacity is only 233 Gb.

Is this normal?

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hardware company one Gb = 1000Mb
but software usually counts 1 Gb = 1024Mb

actually mean of kilo = 1000, but software company K = 1024,

So the number appear by hardware companies are usually larger...

(ii) some of the space are used by Windows, about 8 Gigabytes (? Master boot record, sorry not so sure), and I don't know if Acronis Ture Image can detect this or not. That 8 Gigabytes were autmatically used and shown when I formatted the harddisk and installed Windows XP...

See if the harddisk can by find from the 'system' in the control panel.