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I have an HP tx1000 Tablet PC. I'm trying to create Recovery Disks now; but when I open the Recovery Disk Creator, the initial window appears, and there when I click next, it's supposed to gather files and information. However, as soon as the next button is clicked, it displays a "Cancelling in progress" window, and then it says "Recovery Disk creation will resume the next time you run the program".

I haven't created Recovery Disks before, so I'm really not sure what to do with this... my comp's in a pretty bad state, and I need to restore it before things get outta hand. So any help here will be appreciated...

Thanks in Advance :)...

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I had the same problem with immediate cancellation of the process. I started looking at all the log files in the c:\windows\SMINST directory and found a cryptic little warning..."not enough free space on the UP to split WIM"

Basically, there has to be at least 8-10 GB of free space on your C: drive before it will continue from the cancelling error. I moved some rarely used videos to an external drive and the program now works. Hope this helps.
Thank you

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hi there,

try to plug an external writer to the device and try

recreating recovery cd


Hi pcsces...

Thanks for your response; well, I'm not really sure if anybody around will have an external writer, but I'll see if I can find one...

Another alternative, other people told me, is to do a Full Restore of my system using the built-in Restore option on HP Laptops, during start-up. So maybe I'll try that...

Thanks again :)...
i am using hp pavalion notebook i am trying to do recovery disc when i was started it was saying your computer has not having drive capaible
tell me what was the problem

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