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Hello,my pc do not show the hidden file plz tell me
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This is a very simple process]
go to tools on your open Window,
folder options
CLick on show all hidden files folder

You will ve avle yo see the hidden files.


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thankyou rajib you solved my problem
thank you rajib you solve my problem
thanks rajiv....really works
hello there is this situation that
a program on a computer hid the files that I download

in my SD card I download 6 files with total 600mb and when I open my cellphone it does not show

and it does not show on the Command Prompt -cmd ways
and with that reason I gave up for the files

in the other week I rent on the same computer shop and when I open my sd card on a computer suddenly it appear and I copy the file and delete the old filed that was lost
and paste it again in my sd ,so it appears that there is a way ..?
i do not know ... the answer can you help plsss?
but I have done its not opening
Thank you
hi frd dont worry about this issue
please follow this step, first u have to got start selct run and type REGEDIT
Select the 3 rd line
modify the value of checkdvalue to 1 ( it may be 0 or empty)
it shuld be one (1)
now u seeee ur hidden file and enjoooooyyyyyyyyy
> maVen -
wow this tip worked! after trying from lots of forums and installing progs only this one seemed to work!
thank you so much!
Thanks guys it really work....
tq very much sir..yahooooooo.
please explain wat mean 3 line.
i have done the pattern im on the show all what should I do now ?
what is next?
Thank you
Thank you so much I had this problem for years and didnt know how to solve it untill I decided to look it up thanx!
thanx dude it really worked! =]
Thank you
sir When I change the value to 1 it come back to 0 can u help me
Thank you
how to show the hidden folder in various pc because I have install a new window in my pc
Thank you
Click Start/Run,type regedit
then press Ok
Navigate to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advan ced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL

Now right click on,and delete the value "CheckedValue" in the right hand window.

Now create a new "DWORD Value" called exactly CheckedValue in the right hand window.
Double click on CheckedValue.
In the opening 'Edit DWORD Value' box,set the 'Value data:' to 1

Press Ok,exit regedit,restart your pc.
Thank you
my pc do not show the hidden file plz tell me
Here I've discussed about show hidden file
Thank you
Hello,my pc do not show the hidden file plz tell me
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Hello dear you are use to PRT tool Run and show the file In your computer
Thank you
Thanks Bro!!! it works for me too!!!
Thank you
I am currently at a friends house, he asked me to sort out this problem for him. In tools, folder options, on the view tab. Hidden folders shows, but the options to show or hide hidden files are no longer there. he had found and got rid of a virus this morning, and believes it must have been responsible. Searched everywhere, but couldn't solve it. Could create a hidden file and hide it, but couldn't view it again.
in desperation I did a system restore, and the problem was solved, the options to show or hide hidden files are back.
Thank you
I dunno how to change to 1 in binary
Thank you
run,properties,how to hidden