How to install windows xp via pen drive

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 usman - Dec 12, 2012 at 02:34 PM
dear sir
how to install windows xp in HDD via pen drive
plz. send the detail my e-mail id
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Jan 5, 2009 at 04:45 AM
when I tried to boot from usb..a message comes up.....NTDLR can I resolve this problem sir???

pls install to my pc it is already insert a usb for my file validation of windows xp
pls help me to validate this for genuine windows xp
It is very simple to install windows xp from pen drive, here is the detailed step by step process of installing windows from a pen drive
Please tell me how can I make my pan driver Windows xp bootable
go to the link given in the above post
dear friend


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wow it is possible but it's quite difficult I am age 12 and great at computers so I will tell you. OK first you need to copy all the files from the disk to your pen drive but before that you need to format your pen drive. now once you have formated your pen drive and all files from windows xp disk are on the pen then you need to download liveboot. it's not a setup download just transfere the file to the pen then safely remove your pen drive and plug it into your other opertaing system
thank you sir,
for this kind help. it will work .now my pendrive is bootable.
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Jan 8, 2010 at 04:28 PM
You can also do it through PE Builder.
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Feb 23, 2010 at 01:53 AM
dear sir
how to install windows xp in HDD via pen drive
plz. send the detail my e-mail id
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REMEMBER, THIS GUIDE WILL DELETE ALL DATA FROM DRIVE C: AND PENDRIVE ( if you can't format your drive C:, install Windows Xp On Your Pen, then move all data needed using Pendrive or Network Area to the other PC ) What do you need?

1. Windows Xp installation disk

2. Access to PC with working CD Cd-ROM DVD drive.

3. This file solution.rar

This guide is for people with basic knowledge of PC hardware and system software
Let's start.

1. Download solution.rar file

2. Unpack solution.rar file on drive C, you should have a folder named C:\Dos

3. Put your pendrive ( at least 1GB) into working PC USB port

4. Go to the folder C:\Dos and run HpUSBformat.exe file
- it should auto detect wyour pendrive disk, if not select form the list ( my pendrive is a drive G: )
- set other options like on the image below and click start.

- now you have a pendrive with bootable dos on it.

5. Copy all other files from C:/Dos to your pendrive. ( you can overwrite existing ones)
- your pendrive should look like that

6. Put your Windows Xp installation disk into Cdrom and copy all files from CD to pendrive.

7. Boot your laptop with pendrive ( if you have problems, just check your BIOS or try to access boot menu )

8. Type sys d: and hit enter
- if you see system transferred - you have luck, FAT32 filesystem on drive C:, you will not lose your data
- go to step 11
- if any problem apears go to step 8

8. REMEMBER, you will loose all data from drive C:/

9. Type format c:/q/s
- accept and if it is formated go to step 11 ( you are lucky, you don't need to make partitions)
- otherwise go to step 10

10. Type fdisk and hit enter
-create new partition ( after restart boot with pendrive in)
-go to step 9 and back here
-type pqmagic and set your new partition active ( physical drive 2, Advanced A, ste Active - S, are you sure - Y, Exit - X )

11.Type nc and hit enter, and using Norton Commander, copy all files form pendrive to disk C: ( you can overwrite existing ones)

12. Restart Laptop without pendrive in it ( it should start from harddrive)

13. Type cd i386 and hit enter ( it will enter i386 folder)

14 Type winnt and hit enter
how to install xp via pen drive please send this urgent I have need..............
Very simple...

Use this tool.. pretty straightforward..

Works with Windows XP, Windows 2003,
Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7

Have a Nice Day....
sir, I want to make the pendrive bootable for installing windows xp ...plz help me how to install windows xp with pendrive .?
Oct 8, 2009 at 07:43 AM
i have laptop
but cd rom is not working
and I want to install windows xp via pen drive
so how I do
Sir I want to know how to install win xp via usb stick or a pen drive....
u were talking about some file named "solution.rar"
plz let me know sir my cd rom is almost to die. plz help
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Nov 24, 2009 at 04:40 AM
Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 1 USB flash drive, 1GB or larger
2. 1 Windows XP installation disc
3. Assorted files that I’ll describe as we go along.

Preparing the flash drive

First up, we need to prepare the flash drive.

1. Download and unzip this file which should contain 2 folders: 1 titled Bootsect, and the other USB_prep8.
2. Navigate to the USB_prep8 folder and click on usb_prep8.cmd. This will bring up a Windows console window.
3. Press any key to continue and a PeToUSB window will open.
4. Make sure your flash drive is selected, and click start to format your flash drive.
5. When the format is complete, click OK, but do not close the PeToUSB window or the Windows Console.
6. Open a new console window by typing “cmd” into the run box in the Windows Start Menu.
7. Find your Bootsect folder (if you’re not used to DOS commands, you can type “dir” to list directories and files, type “cd foldername” to navigate to a folder name – called foldername in this example, and if there’s a long folder name you can save time by typing the “cd” and just the first few letters and then hitting the Tab key to fill in the rest of the name).
8. Once you’re in the Bootsect folder, type “bootsect.exe /nt52 g:” if “g” is the letter assigned to your flash drive. If it’s E, then change the letter to e. If it’s Z, make it z. Get it?
9. When this is done, you should see a message letting you know that the bootcode was updated, and you can close this console window (but not the other console window).
10. Close the PeToUSb Window, but make sure not to close the remaining console window yet
11. You should now see a list of 8 options in the console.
12. Select one and find the drive with your Windows installation disc.
13. Select 2 and pick a random drive letter (but not one that’s already on your PC, since this will be a virtual drive used for copying your files).
14. Select 3 and enter the drive letter for your USB flash drive.
15. Select 4 and follow the rest of the on-screen directions and you should be all set.

The process should take about 15-20 minutes. When it’s done, you should have a bootable USB stick that you can use to install Windows XP the same way you would if you had a CD/DVD drive.
Kind of lengthy but ok.
dear sir,

I have allready a bootable cd but in my pc cd is not working so I want to know how to creat a pen drive in a bootable pendrive.
so send details in my e-mail
pls guide me how to install window throug pen drive
sir pls tell me how to boot from pen drive
Please tell me how can I make my pan driver Windows xp bootable
how to install windows xp ser .pack 2 to pendrive
pen drive not read..removable pen drive writing.not copying
i want to install xp by pendrive