External monitor for laptop

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 Steve - Feb 15, 2018 at 08:36 AM
I would like to use an external monitor for my laptop how can I do that ?

It is already connected to my laptop but the lcd attached screen is still black must I put a command to so that I can use external monitor?
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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my g4 powebook display screen is all lines I've used s-video cable and it shows my desktop but no mouse or files showing and I want to hook it up to an external video screen is there any keyboard short cuts that I can use to close down the display and have it appear on my tv or external screen
I have a sony monitor with a 15 pin plug that is to big for my PH laptop port. What now?
Apr 14, 2010 at 08:55 PM
i have an acer and I cant set it up. It works in safe mode and safe mode with networking, but not when I run vista normally. I tried right clicking my desktop but not graphics options option was there. Any help?
well what my problem is, I smashed my laptop screen and had a monitor plugged in to it, then yesterday I try'd taking it over my friends forgetting that my Fn button dosent work, now I cant connect the monitor, it works fine in safe mode but I can't get it to stay on when I run my laptop normaly.. help :(

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i have hp g60 laptop.i have a problam that is my laptop lcd not working if I on my laptop its on I listen the on voice but the lcd is balnk if I attached it with a saprate moniter its start working but I want to on my own laptop lcd I m very worried what can I do????please give me answer very soon
push fn and 4
I Have a acer aspire 3000 latop its not connects with external dispaly like:- LCD or Projector.
The answer for the Acer worked on my DELL with Vista. I did a right click on the screen of the laptop, selected Graphics Properties, and chose Monitor instead of Notebook in Display Selection, Primary Device. Yeah! I am not longer going blind!

Obviously, this may not be the solution for all of the people with this problem, but before opening the computer up or taking it to the shop, it is worth a try.
my laptop screen got smashed & I can't get anything to show up on the monitor. Any Help?
What kind of cable you bought for the dv6000???
Jun 21, 2010 at 11:07 PM
Im goin to try this
Hi, my laptop screen has broken so I conected it to a monitor as its the cheapest option and I only want to use it in the house. Ive tryed all of the button fn + f1,f2,f3,f4 and so on and also ctrl +alt+ f1 but nothing seems to be working. When the laptop starts it shows it on the external screen untill you press start windows in normal mode then it goes off, but if I start windows in safe mode it will keep showing it on the monitor and this works, but of course as u probebally know in safe mode there isnt a heck of a lot you can do, Does anyone know how can I get it to work in normal mode on the external monitor. I cant see anything on laptop screen totally broke exept a small light smudge.

Laptop details:

Acer aspire 7520

External monior:- sampo alphascan 718

I have the same problem as cliff. I did a restore back to two weeks ago when it was working. But now, it doesnt work at all. It like it was working for a few second then went off. I am currently using the guess's log in and it is working. weird....
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Jan 2, 2010 at 07:35 PM
I am having the dampe problem - two HP laptops. and am tryign to link the one with teh broken screen with the one with a good screen with a LCD cord. I also tried all the function keys. any other suggtestions (I have rebooted as well.
I gave that shortcut , CTRL+ALT+F1 , after troubleshooting my problem with an external monitor for my acer laptop , with MOBILE INTEL GRAPHIC. I googled your model of laptop and it seems to that it has a Nvidia card ?!
You have image on the external monitor in safe mode , because no video driver is loaded.
As soon as the driver is loaded (normal windows) some setting will put your image only on the primary monitor (now broken). There is no problem with your external monitor.
1.Simplest way - try to find a fully functionaly laptop with an identical graphic card . Check the graphic card control center - there should be a menu for switching image (clone, dual, primary...etc) . Learn how to navigate to this menu just from KEYBOARD ! (IT WIL BE FUN , TRUST ME !). Pretty sure there is another shortcut , same like Ctrl Alt F1 , but specific for that video card .
Go back to your laptop and ... try to follow the steps you've just learned.
2.Another way (not guaranteed) - from safe mode , go to My computer/ Mange /Device manager and disable(dont unistall) display adapters .Restart. Normally will get image on both monitors . If this looks ok , try to uninstall the video driver , and install it with your monitor Plugged in. It should be recognized and you should get a dialog to choose the primary monitor .
I want to keep my Acer laptop closed all the time. (my external monitor works well!) Do you know of anything I can buy that will let me turn my laptop on without opening it up??? this is the one short-coming of this high value Acer laptop. thanks a lot.
hiya did u find a solution to using the external montior without having to be on safe mode please? having same problem and driving me mad! thanks