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 Steve -
I would like to use an external monitor for my laptop how can I do that ?

It is already connected to my laptop but the lcd attached screen is still black must I put a command to so that I can use external monitor?
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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Acer Laptop External Monitor Issue.

I have an acer laptop. Activating the external monitor is differently done than on my previous computers. It took me a while to figure out the SIMPLE answer. Just right click the desktop and choose graphics options/external monitor.
Thank you

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I now understand better why so many people sent so many thanks to you, I am now one of them, you are remarkably great, just click the right button, solved my problem too, I thought my question was a stuipd one, so took my laptop and that connector cable to Best Buy, the help desk Geek guy said it was due to the memory shortage of laptop, it might be true, so I gave up the idea of having a larger screen monitor for this laptop, to return this new acer to Best Buy, but at the last thought, why not just google the question, ...easily found your anwser, just a click, everything is fine now!! We now have graphics to both notebook and Monitor, Many many thanks!!!
guys your grammar is absolutely shocking, please work on it
on my right click on my acer aspire one netbook there is no option in grafic properties for another monito and if I grab the icon to the 2nd monito it won't stay there.nothing seems towork,eveyybody says right click,which is all well and fine but there are only 2 options on mine,nothing at all for a external/second monitor,i give up
thanks fr the tip with respect to acer laptop..
Thanks man! You are the best!
Desktop --> Properties --> Settings --> Advanced --> Utility Manager --> Driver Mode Settings --> Under Driver Mode select Multimonitor option from the dropdown list.
Thanks.. you're the best!
thanks, man. this did the trick.
I have to hit FN-->F8. Try that one or two times giving it a few seconds in between. Good Luck.
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YOU Are the BEST Fn+ F8 thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you YOU ROCK!!!!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My Dell laptop screen died and I can barely make anything out. I tried all sorts of buttons and combos, but Fn+F8 finally worked adn I can actually see something.
Fn+F8 worked with my Dell external monitor and a Dell Latitude D420 Laptop. Thank you!
Hey I want to use my laptop of an external monitor. I have connected it and when I press f1 (which is suposed to do the job) nothing happens still it says no signal. what do I do!

I have a Acer TravelMate 5320 (whit Mobile Intel 965 Video Chipset),

My problem... I want to attache a external monitor couse the case in witch is the laptop lcd is in has broken (including the 2 metal legs that hold it to the arms that attache the lcd with the main laptop body)...

So wath is going on: I attached the external monitor... it is detected, I could go in bios (there is nothing there for primary display)... I see Windows Loading (I use windows XP) but when it haves to enter windows... the exernal monitor goes on stand by.

I tried everithyng... (including the keys FN + F5 witch should select the external monitor)... but it doesn't work.

Any Ideas??
look dude I got the same problem I tryied to connect my acer aspire laptop into a lenovo LCD screen, first it appers on the externel LCD but when it comes to entering windows it says "pls check cable"
If you have found any solution pls comment it.
if your laptop monitor isn't working at all, disconnect it. plug in the external, and then boot. if the laptops lcd is disconnected, the external will be the default monitor. I currently own two laptops with broken screens, they make decent little media centers (not for bluray of course) and sometimes you can get them cheap off ebay.

don't worry if you haven't opened your computer before. you're posting on forums, so you have access to google, and google can show you exactly how to do it. only the video cable (and sometimes a ground wire) need to be unplugged. the hardest part of the process is removing the keyboard (and its not that bad). hope this helps someone, and good luck all.
so if I unplug the cracked lcd of a laptop then plug in a external screen through the outside port it will automatically switch to the external like u said and without having to adjust any computer settings or using the fn key with a f()
i have a pavillion dv6000 and the screen is broken as well as the hard drive, so I am busy trying to fix it. I am trying to load vista on it but I cannot see the screen. but when I hook up my monitor to it nothing happens, my friend told me to ress fn and try the function buttons as well but nothing is working, I have no idea what I should do, any ideas?
Try holding down the f4 key as windows loads
THIS REPLY IS TO 4 ben, on Sunday January 18, 2009 07:23:11 PM

"I have an HP Pavillion dv6000 and I would like to hook up another moniter to use dual screens but that monitor uses a blue 15 pin adapter and my laptop doesn not have a port for that... Is it possible to have a converter. The lapotp has an expansion port 3 and some other ports but Im not sure how to use these..."

I HAVE THE SAME COMPUTER.... (HP Pavillion dv6000)

Thank you so much. Your a life saver
I connected my Lenovo 3000 laptop to excternal lcd with the suitable cable , but there is no response , and the messege in Excternal Lcd still (no signal or testing).
and I tried all function keys with and without (Alt , Fn , ctrl) , and tried to make any solution from display setting.
What can I do please ?!!!!!!
dude I have the same problem please tell me if you find the solution

Hi guys,

I also attached an external monitor to my laptop (Dell Studio 15) and it works ok for most stuff. But I also like to play a game and watch a movie on the second screen (yes, I play games where you can watch TV on the side), but I can stream fine, but when I watch a DVD it doesn't work. I just see a black background or a grey screen, but no movie.
Do I have to fumble with the settinggs or is it not possible? It worked fine with my old laptop (IBM T42).
Thanks a lot.
I have encountered similar problems trying to watch a movie from my laptop to TV (using TV OUT from my video card).It was not a DVD , just an avi , and the player I used , KMPlayer . I got a black screen with sound on the TV , and on the laptop everything was fine . I fixed it , changing the video mode renderer from the KMPlayer.
I hope this help.
I just upgraded to windows 7, and I can't get my dual monitors to work? I have a IBM T42 "HELP" .All cables are good, both monitor are good, when trying to extend to my 2nd monitor its not even showing up. I only see the one monitor?
its very easy...go to performance...in the control panel..then under display...you will see your options there in that screen...mess with it...youll see
hello!i am abigginer to use this computer,my display image is doesnot work, it is block and my webcam is block screan too.

Connect the monitor, flat panel, or projector to the laptop's 15-pin video connection on the back of the computer as shown to the right. Once connected, your laptop may automatically switch to the new external display or you may be required to press a sequence of keys in order to switch from the laptop to the external display.
Right click an area of your desktop and select properties. Than, select the tab on the top of the window that says "settings". After you do all that, you should see two boxes inside another box. The boxes should be labled "1 and 2". If they are not, click on the option that says "identify". After that, click on the box that has the 2 on it. There should be two unchecked boxes. One says :"Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" the other one says :"use this device as the primary monitor". Click on the box that says: "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor".

Hope this helped!
I have an HP Pavilion zv6000 with windows xp. I have connected a 2nd screen (dell) and have spread the desktop over the two screens. Only problem is: the laptop screen is now the secondary screen and I want it to be the primary screen. Is there anywhere I can change that? I have tried right click on the desktop, gone to properties and tried changing it there, but I can't...
If someone could help me that would be fantastic...
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Have you been assisted with the monitor issue? I am having the same issue with a new Acer monitor, keeps switching 1/2 positions with my laptop screen and cannnot figure this out. I need to unplug it and reboot then plug it back in to get them in their proper position (Laptop -1 / Acer monitor -2).

Thank you so much for any assistance you can give me,
Toshiba Satellite A100, XP SP3, TFT-Monitor MD 20110:
After updating monitor driver it was possible, to identify second monitor (necessary for using second monitor as extended desktop).
then see above.

"Just right click the desktop and choose graphics options/external monitor"
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Can you provide me more informaiton about your laptop

To be able to use external monitor you have to click on alt and f5 it will automatically switch off your internal lcd and activate your external lcd.
i was formating my laptop and when windows shut down my screen wouldnt come back on
I have a Toshiba Equium laptop model A100-147 and an external Philips 170B4 vdu. When I was using Windows XP the picture was shown on the external vdu only. Since I have upgraded to Vista the picture appears on both vdus. I have been advised that the Fn key will allow me to toggle between each vdu but it doesn’t work. Have you any suggestions that would solve the problem?
I have also tried the combinations of Fn+F5 etc as mentioned in your replies but they don't work either. Thanks
i will suggest you go for http://www.smartvm.com/VGA-Video-Switch-C1335.htm
Thoug your screen has a crack it should work, unless and until its completely damaged. what you need is a Video Switch , you can easily find them online , I bought one from here, may be you should also try if you want tohttp://www.kvmstuff.com/video-routing/video-switches.html