How to create a LAN

Mia - Jul 7, 2008 at 06:34 PM
 knas - Aug 19, 2010 at 09:54 AM
please i need some help to set up 3 PCs in a LAN,i mean installing the NIC, the hub or switch?....... thanks

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u can create LAN with two computers by using cross cable(UTP)
colour code :

one side second side

white orange white green
orange green
white green white orange
blue blue
white blue white blue
green orange
white brown white brown
brown brown

connect computers with this cable & then

right click on my on computer name on on workgroup ...give name............OK........OK(same steps in second P.C. but difeerent name)


right click on my network place -------go properties---------right click on local area network-------properties----
double click on TCP/ use the following address..........type IP address as

now press enter then OK again OK OK

do these steps in second one P.C.

type IP address as

now press enter then OK again OK OK

right click on local area network in both &click connect then OK

now to check connectivity

command prompt in first P.C. type ping

if there,s reply your machines are connected
Sub: how to creat a star topologies in lan.
we requist to u sir please sent the result
rhome > ranjan
Jan 7, 2010 at 12:54 AM
would you mind to give me the procedure on how to create a LAN!!

using a star topology???????????
I did the things u wrote but when type in command prompt in 1st pc no reply came.Then what can i do.
May be I can help you...

Open the link: reseau/creer reseau local.php3

Reply if it works....
I saw the message you sent, thank you for that.I connected 7 pcs with a switch of 8 ports, but the computers could not known with each other.What do you think is the problem.

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ya i want the same solution....can anybody help?
plz help me soon
Thank all of you for the help
Install your LAN card first. then, for using switch or hub you need to prapare your cable and connector. If you use UTP then cable it in cross over position with appropriate colour schemes of wires. Then connect all your PCs. After that you need to set IP addresses as well (it may be of class A, B or C).
see my post below. i think you will get the answer.