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Hi Friends, I have bought samsung star s5233. I downloaded wallpaper and when tried applying the wallpaper, the wallpaper is stretched. Since there are 3 desktops in it, either the wallpaper stretches to 3 desktops. I tried reducing the pixels and changing the format. If the wallpaper fits in to one desktop, the other two desktops is empty. Can somebody help me with this?

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Dear friends,

there is a software called Samsung S5230 Wallpaper Creator in which u can create wallpaper for all the 3 screens... or else just click the following ling for Samsung S5230 Wallpaper Creator..

create your own wallpaper... enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Jack Sparrow
thnx man i really dnt knew abt this software ....thnx.keep it up
wey do i download this software

Thank you sooo much !


The software is free just find out from google

Have Fun I am using the same phone..
Wer can i find that s/w... i tried but i wasnt able to find one
> Matt_u88
i am also getting the same desktop is ok and how we can set the another 2 wallpapers
> chinnu
hi chinnu ,
this is Napster ,
you can find wallpapers for ur Samsung star (3 desktop)
follow this link .- (just copy this link and pest in ur browser)
just use 720x400px Image for your samsung star wallpaper
I am using the same.
u can adjust the wallpaper accordingly... there is option
If you want to create wallpaper for Samsung Star 3G a.k.a GT-S5603, then use the following utility
I had the same prblm. Found a workaround (note!) after some RnD. Open the image you want to download and go to edit option -> crop -> cut it to a reasonable size (where you can see their face and not jus nose :)) and save. Now open the cropped image and apply as wallpaper. the annoying boundary wall appears. Now comes the trcik, you need to tap your finger such a way that the image is zoomed but shud fit into the boundary and apply. I've tried this and it looks good.

THe best way is download wallpapers, open one using MS Paint and other 2 which ever you choose from Edit--> Paste from and save the 3 together and download to the mobile and use it as the Wallpaper.
You now get a 3 desktop wallpaper. Grow up guys, create your own. :)
> karthik
superb solution karthik, thanks for solution
get ur wallpapers from
Hi... Try changing the wallpaper from the shortcuts available on the wallpaper screen... It doesnt need any croping to be done..

3 Images will fit in to exact size...

Thts the easy way to do without making nay changes to the Image....
Hey guys this is good user of samsung star. Open any wallpaper file, choose option to set as wallpaper, then you will see white bordered box around your image, then just stretch that border up to scale that your image is fitted into the screen (imagine that bordered box has 3 desktops in it.)
you need to resize your wallpaper to 240x400 that is 1 desktop and if you put 3 wallpapers with the size 240x400 you will have 1 full wallpaper with 1 wallpaper a desktop
when u r applying the wallpaper then the box appers u need 2 do just 1 thing streach that box till the wallpaper appears inside it and then see the result rply me through this coloum
first go 2 my files
then press images
then press the photo which u need to set as wallpaper
a box will come on photo
the photo coming within box will come on middle desktop when u set it as wallpaper..........
try to set whole image within box
ur problem is solved
Set your wallpaper at the setting, when it stretch go back to the setittings and apply the selected wallpaper again, then it will be a normal size.
wen u apply a wall paper. .do dat from ur fone memory nd using the option in settings. . .u wd not have to adjust it.. . .only it needs to b for 3 desktops or else u wud have it for the main one only. .
so if you have 3 of your own photos taken by the camera on the phone, can u put the 3 different photos on the 3 screens?
hey dude it is so simple after selecting the wallpaper u want u have to press on the wallpaper till a red outline appears then extend it till the wallpaper fits in the outline and then just select set as wallpaper ................................
yes i am have the answer my friend, u can go to the image and then you use it as wall papper then go to settings then > display and light > wallpaper > then set it again
lots of glory
Aly mahmoud , nice to help u :)
u can get your wallpapers from
hi,,,all you have to do is click the arrow on your left screen and scroll 4 the wallpaper icon and drag it to the center screen and select the picture you want and click the set button.
Hi you need to go to settings,display and... .
you wil see somme items take the une you think it will bee.

Sorry for my englisch i'm from belgium and i'm 12
u can create three wallpapers in one canvas using software like photoshop or snag it.remember to configure screen size