Windows XP & SATA Drive on HP LAPTOP

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Hello all,
i have an HP LAPTOP DV 2710tx , preloaded with VISTA. i want to change it to Windows XP Service pack 2. HArddisk is SATA (Fujitsu). while trying to load XP it give a blue screen with msg "BIOS not Compliant...." . from some forum i got knowledge about Sata drivers that can be loaded during setup process (by pressing F6) i have tried it with Microsoft MAtrix manager ... etc. but still the same thing happends. any Solution friends ?

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You have to make a windows xp installation disk in which the sata driver you have to insert. you can make the cd using nlite software. the steps are well defined.

before using the software download 32 bit floppy configuration drivers for your supported chipset if it's intel otherwise download the corresponding driver. then integrate the drivers into the cd using the nlite software then install
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thanks for the reply . but from where i will get the Sata drivers i have tried 2 of them , still result is same
I was able to finde instructions for this from HP at:

I was able to find the SATA Drivers from HP at:

This may or may not work depending on your driver requirements. I would also recommend turning OFF native SATA to get this working.

Good Luck

Aaron Egely
HP dont suport all Windows XP. You need special windows.
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One, you should know that Win XP has been dis-continued.

Two, am sorry to tell you that it is impossible to do that, because these are two different products. You can't convert BMW C class into Benz C class, simply because they're sold by the same vendor.

Kind Regards
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You are an idiot, any pc (or mac) can have XP installed on it, regardless of what operating system is already on it....