Won't boot but PC powers up

rdrage73 - Aug 4, 2009 at 09:21 PM
 Blocked Profile - Aug 5, 2009 at 04:21 AM
My computer recently decided it didn't want to boot up. It was running fine when I opened the case up to see what memory I had installed when I built it 3 years ago so I could add more. I put the side back on and rebooted because the network cable had come undone. Then it gives me the message about normal start or safe mode,etc. I hit start normal. Then it frezzes as Windows is loading with that little led looking graphic going back and forth. I reboot again. It gives me the option of normal or safe mode again. I hit normal and it gives a message about something changing and I need to install the Windows cd. I changed nothing. I didn't even remove a part. I just looked to get the part number off the ram so I could get more of the same. I rebooted again and this time the red light on the front comes on(stays solid as long as it's on), but the cd roms don't power up and no video/no signal to monitor. I uninstalled the video card..nothing..hd..nothing... eraser trick on ram and reseat..nothing. try one stick at a time in different slots..nothing. all fans and lights power up. I don't have my speaker hooked up so I don't know if it's beeping or not. I built it and it ran for 3 years so I have some experience but this is new to me. Any ideas?

System consists of:
Gigabyte DS3 board
2.66 Core 2 duo
2 gb ram
WD 250gb HD
cd/dvd combo
evga 512mb pcie video
NZXT 550w psu
Vista Ultimate 64

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Aug 5, 2009 at 04:21 AM
Hello Sir,

Just remove all USB devices except mouse and keyboard,

Try to turn it on,

If you can access the bios, just set to default settings,

Then go to safe mode to restore your computer to an earlier time,

To do System Restore: Press F8 when the Computer starts after bios check, then select Safe Mode,
1.Click Start.
2.Point to All Programs.
3.Point to Accessories.
4.Point to System Tools.
5.Click System Restore.
Choose a date when your computer was working fine, then press Next Let the process to be done then the computer will restart normally.