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Does anybody out there have an idea how to restore font back to normal after I've accidently changed them to bold and italic. It occured to the most of my pc system? they're drive me crazy for a weeks ago.

thanks in advance.

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I found a solution for internet 9 explorer Win7 users!
Go to your Control Panel, then click on Fonts. Drag the "Times New Roman" and "Courier New" icon onto your desktop, then drag it back onto your Control Panel Fonts window. It will ask you if you want to reinstall the Font click "Yes To All".
Thank you

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It really works!!! Thanks.
It worked also for me! It's the most simple way! Thanks
wow, that was simple! thanks for the fix. this was driving me crazy and I couldn't find much relevant info on the web.
Perfect, worked for me too. (but had to do it with the Arial fonts instead)
Dang, it worked! and I didn't have to download any software to fix it. Thank you sooooo much!
I had the problem with XP -- fonts changed to italics. It was driving me crazy. Solved the problem by downloading and replacing the Courier New, Times Roman, and Arial fonts.

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