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Hello,i have a problem with admonostrator. i use window xp and my compaq' type is v3000. when i enter my devices like pendrive, then appear a box say that 'Find New Hardware'. then it say that "you must be a member of administrator group on this computer to install the hardware. then it want me to enter my user name and password. but, i actually do not know what is my password and user name is. i also have a install problem. it is same like before, when i want to install something, my computer will say that i don't have sufficient security to install hardware on this computer. plez contact your administrator, or logout and login again as an admonistrator and try again... so, what is the problem that my computer is having now??? plez help me...i'm really confuse and it is hard to me if this happen... i hope i will hear about you soon...plez answer my email to my email..
thank you so much for your cooperation...

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When your computer is on, press CTL-ALT-DEL and log off. You will see a login box. Jusy type in administrator and leave the password blank. Hit Enter. If this is your machine, and you didn't specifically set up an Admin account, the password is _________.

If this is, or was, someone else's computer, and they were smart, then this will NOT work. In that case you will have to burn a boot CD that you create with this program-

With a reboot (and that CD you have made in the drive) you can reset the Administrator password to blank_____.

Then, when the computer boots and you are logged on, you can C-A-D to get into the Admin account.