Lost My wireless Connection for my Laptop

 Kelly -
I have a Link system router connected to my main desk top. I have had my dell laptop routed off this as a wireless network connection. But as of last night I lost the connection and when I went in to advance changes to the wireless and have my Windows reconfigure the Wireless connection to Link sys is no longer in there. What do I do?

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I just had the same problem. If you have Windows Automatic Updates turned on you probably installed an update that you weren't aware of. As usual, Microsoft created an update which can eliminate your connection to the internet.

Not sure how to solve this problem for you other than doing a search on Google for this problem and hopefully you can find the name of the update and then go into Control Panel and remoe it. Sorry - I forgot the name of it.

Or, if you're using ZoneAlarm go to their home page at www.zonealarm.com and you'll see a huge warning box where they talk about this issue. They provide a link that will lead you to a fix.
I am having the same problem, except that I did a google search and didn't have any of the KB#'s everyone listed as the culprit. I deleted every update from the last two weeks and restored to my earliest date possible, but to no avail. I cannot recover my internet connection on my laptop. I simply don't know what to do next.