Need a 6300 china mobile phone software [Solved/Closed]

 jeth -
Hello, me to have a usb driver software to my china phone to connect to my pc, and a pc suite using a usb cable that can be use to transfer an application also.....thank you very much.....and more power to you.......

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you can use an ordinary cable and it is auto detect on windows xp anyone know some app which i can apply on this phone? (nokia 6300 china)
Thank you

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Dear Sir,

To connect your 6300 nokia phone to your computer you will have to use Nokia PC Suite

Please download it here:

Install this software and then connect your phone throught bluetooth or data cable

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I read your comment about nokia 6300 replica :)
Could you send nokia 6300 replica(china phone) program me?
please send me :)
can you send me the pc suite for my nokia 6300 china phone. yhank you. email:
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Hi, If you know any way that I could fix my china fone n100, the last time it goes empty batt I recharged the battery with my phone off then when I trun it on it ask for my 6 digit pin whcih is usual. But After I type in the first twqo digit of my pin or any two digit for that matter the phone would hang....hence I couldn't use my fone now. Hope you can email me a solution for this.

please send me the files for me to download games for my china Nokia 6300
send me the software please...