How to format acer aspire one d150

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I try to format Acer Aspire One D150-ODw notebook, insert the xp pack 3 disk format, but window gives an instruction that Handdisk can not be found. how can i format it.

I also want to change the language from Italian to English. How can it be done?

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Hello Sir,

Just make sure to set the the Boot priority to CD/DVD drive

Insert the Windows Installation disc and then follow the instructions

You will be asked to format the Primary Partition

Then format using NTFS file system

thanks for the response.

Xp pack 3 cd was detected, but window gives an instruction that handdisk cannot be found.

How can Acer language be change from italian to English language?
I have the same problem. There is some extra logical partition weighting 6MB before bootable primary C: partition. I was trying to delete it and merge it into primary partition in order to create secondary logical partition after C:. Unfortunately after deleting firsat logical artition whole system gone crap. There is niothing left on hard drive and none partitions are visible to any partitions managers. I am going to try install ubuntu, and if I fail I will probabily have to remove phisicall hard drive from aao d150. I dn't know whos idiotic idea was to format hd like that, so it is almost impossible to delete preinstalled windows. I have spent almost 48 hours trying to resolve that.